decided  to move on to greener pastures.  come visit me at my new home:

see you there!


finding the perfect bed is as hard as not shopping during black friday.  i didn’t realize until recently that beds are REALLy expensive.  every time i find one that i liked, it ends up being mucho $$$.

i’ve been sleeping on our west elm platform bed for the last 5 years and i’m really getting sick of it.  it was purchased back when i was really into minimalist design and platform bed was the shit.  however, ever since our paris trip a couple of years ago, i was completely inspired by the parisian style.  now one thing i really want to invest in is a new french bed.  it’s pretty much one of the last big furniture we really need for our place. i thought finding the perfect bed was hard, but finding the perfect french bed in the u.s. is near impossible.  after months of searching, i finally found a couple of contenders:

the sophia from layla grayce

the franchesca from liv chic

i’m still kind of iffy on both of them, but at least i am making progress!

(translation:  happy thanksgiving!)

hope your holiday is filled with yummy food and crazy good shopping!

image via martha stewart

i have many vices, and one of them is little white dresses.  i love them.  i love that they look so pure and chill, yet so attention hungry.  i love buying them, even though i rarely wear them.  it’s hard to look skinny in a white dress, but i just want them.  this leads me to my other vice of buying things i don’t need, but that’s another entry.  here are some of my favorite LWD street styles.  i realize that most of these images were taken during warmer weather, but that’s how bad my craving for the LWD is.  even in this freezing weather we’re having in seattle (currently 15°F), i still have LWD on my mind and in my online shopping cart.

images via all the pretty bird, vanessa jackman, stockholm street style, garance dore, that’s just my bag, style copycat, chictopia

these are the best looking sunglasses i’ve tried on in the last couple of years.  i really like that the cat eye look is coming back, but i just can’t seem to pull off that look.  the bagatelle is a good compromise with a touch of meow.  normally, i like buying cheap sunglasses, since 80% i either lose or sit on them.  however, i am really tempted to plunge down the cash for this baby.

$345 at nordstrom

i think the title pretty much sums it up.  i was so good during my first week of cleansing, but as soon as i tasted real food, my appetite just wanted to make up for the week that it was deprived.  this week’s thanksgiving, so it would be pretty much impossible to get back on the saddle.  i think i might have to do round 2 next week.  sigh…

i have a small collection/addiction to super girly paintings.  lucky me for discovering charmaine olivia via daydream lily!  i had to snatch up the teapot head piece right away!  it’s going to look so great next to my antique tea cup collection.

i really like the juxtaposition of cute and creepy in the last piece.  too bad it’s not available.

please visit charmaine olivia’s etsy shop for more of these quirky girliness.