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i think the title pretty much sums it up.  i was so good during my first week of cleansing, but as soon as i tasted real food, my appetite just wanted to make up for the week that it was deprived.  this week’s thanksgiving, so it would be pretty much impossible to get back on the saddle.  i think i might have to do round 2 next week.  sigh…


so instead of the initial 10 day cleanse, i ended up cutting it down to 7 because on the 8th day i got super sick.  this week, i was doing well on salad and chicken.  UNTIL…  until yesterday and today.  yesterday, i had a huge bowl of chirashi.  sashimi is obviously a good option, but it was a HUGE bowl.  what’s worse is that today i finally made it to the much hyped and aniticipated din tai fung in bellevue.  between the 3 of us, we ordered 7 dishes and only had one little to go box left at the end.  FAILED.  this just means that for the next 3 days, i will have to survive on mostly lemon juice with some raw veggies and the occassional chicken.  at least din tai fung was totally worth it.

the good news is i have been really strong today.  i even went shopping to “inspire” myself.  the bad news is i totally cheated yesterday.  damn! 

at day 7, the hunger is definitely not as intense as day 2 and 3.  those are the worst!  to be honest, even though this is a cleanse, i actually find the lemonade to be really yummy.  i just miss the taste of other food.

i cracked today.  the hubby was making pizza and roasted garlic.  the whole house smelled like heaven/hell. 

now back to lemons and maple syrup.  yum…

disclaimer:  annoying complaints

yes, i am one of those girls that are always trying to go on a diet.  and yes, i am also one of those girls that barely ever succeed.

what’s the reason for another diet?  same reason as the last time and the times before, i’m shallow and a bit insecure.  you know the typical girl sh*t.  the question is why am i sharing it with the world?  with you?   part of it is because i would like to let all the girls out there know that they’re not alone.  losing weight is hard.  physically AND emotionally.  maybe if they hear my moan and groan, they will feel better that someone else is going through the same hell as them.  also, part of it is because i hope by declaring to the world of my diet plans, i will actually stick to it.  out of the hundredths of attempts , i have only succeeded twice.  what can i say?  i love food and hate exercising.  hopefully, whatever number attempt this is, i will make it a third success. 

here’s the game plan:  i’m going to start with a cleanse for 10 days.  then ease off of it for the remaining of the week on soup.  next, i’m going to start the third week with calorie counting.  on the fourth week, i will start exercising.  from time to time, i will be updating my progress and feelings here on this blog. 

wish me luck!