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o my gosh!  when i saw this image on the sartorialist i just died!  i am obsessed with everything about this image:

  1. the color combo (navy, red, tan)
  2. the leopard heels
  3. the red celine envelope bag ( i want!!)
  4. those super sexy long legs (jealous!)

image via sartorialist


it’s almost 2011 and it’s time for a new favorite it bag.  girls, meet phoebe by celine.  it’s simple, sleek, and classic.  it’s something you can wear for years and years to come.  of course with the $3000+ price tag, it better make a great investment.  i’m normally a boring black bag kind of girl, but with the phoebe, i am totally head over heels in love with the navy, red, and camel colors. 

images by jak & jill