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finding the perfect bed is as hard as not shopping during black friday.  i didn’t realize until recently that beds are REALLy expensive.  every time i find one that i liked, it ends up being mucho $$$.

i’ve been sleeping on our west elm platform bed for the last 5 years and i’m really getting sick of it.  it was purchased back when i was really into minimalist design and platform bed was the shit.  however, ever since our paris trip a couple of years ago, i was completely inspired by the parisian style.  now one thing i really want to invest in is a new french bed.  it’s pretty much one of the last big furniture we really need for our place. i thought finding the perfect bed was hard, but finding the perfect french bed in the u.s. is near impossible.  after months of searching, i finally found a couple of contenders:

the sophia from layla grayce

the franchesca from liv chic

i’m still kind of iffy on both of them, but at least i am making progress!


i love a super fancy and extravagant chandelier in the middle of a clean and simple room.

the infamous gwyneth paltrow kitchen

you can never go wrong with black and white

the quintessential parisian chic

one of my favorite color combo:  gold and light teal

dream kitchen

images via vogue living, emmas, paris home away, dress design decor, haute design, unknown

over the years, my fascination with gold has grown tremendously.  whether in interior or fashion, there’s something about gold accents that really adds a sense of glamour and warmth.  for the longest time, i was afraid of using gold.  i thought it looked tacky and obnoxious.   now i’ve realized the key to adorning with gold is keep it simple.  since it already has such a strong presence, it’s better to keep it as an “accent.”

the ysl arty oval ring’s stone goes over the knuckle.  i wear mine all the time.

the pamela love talon cuff is my favorite piece of jewelry.  i love wearing it with jeans and t-shirt.

images via  vogue living, the neo-traditionalist, my deco, paris home away, dress design & decor, decor pad, escapade