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these are the best looking sunglasses i’ve tried on in the last couple of years.  i really like that the cat eye look is coming back, but i just can’t seem to pull off that look.  the bagatelle is a good compromise with a touch of meow.  normally, i like buying cheap sunglasses, since 80% i either lose or sit on them.  however, i am really tempted to plunge down the cash for this baby.

$345 at nordstrom


being 5’2″, i tend to gravitate towards platform and high heels.  one of my all time favorite pair of heels i have are the ysl tribute pumps.  they can miraculously make my short and stumpy legs look like they were mile long.  of course, with great beauty comes great pain, which means i don’t wear them every often.  however, this doesn’t stop me from buying them!

i don’t have any sexy red heels and i’ve always loved the look of the christian louboutin bianca.  they remind me so much of my beloved tribute pumps.  FYI, i can’t find any actual images of the red patent bianca’s on any authorized christian louboutin stores’ websites, so here’s a pink patent bianca to hold its place.

image via neiman marcus