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i have a small collection/addiction to super girly paintings.  lucky me for discovering charmaine olivia via daydream lily!  i had to snatch up the teapot head piece right away!  it’s going to look so great next to my antique tea cup collection.

i really like the juxtaposition of cute and creepy in the last piece.  too bad it’s not available.

please visit charmaine olivia’s etsy shop for more of these quirky girliness.


ok, i have to admit that i am not the biggest juicy couture fan.  there was a period where i, like every girl, fell into the juicy couture sweat suits bandwagon.  but after the craze, i quickly found most of their design a little too dolled up and overly sweet for my taste.  that is saying a lot, since i have a pretty big sweet tooth (in food and designs).  so it was to my surprise that i am actually really attracted to their new polka dot accessories line!  i find the sweet and cute aesthetic really charming!  the colors are black with silver dots, light pink (damsel) with silver dots, and navy with gold dots.  i think the handbags  are a little too much cuteness for me, but the little accessories, i.e. wallets, ipad case, and mini bags are adorable!

chain mini bag


ipad case – i think i want to get an ipad just for this case

critter mouse headphone – ok, this is not polka dot, but it’s just too cute not to share!  i want!

images via juicy couture, neiman marcus