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i have many vices, and one of them is little white dresses.  i love them.  i love that they look so pure and chill, yet so attention hungry.  i love buying them, even though i rarely wear them.  it’s hard to look skinny in a white dress, but i just want them.  this leads me to my other vice of buying things i don’t need, but that’s another entry.  here are some of my favorite LWD street styles.  i realize that most of these images were taken during warmer weather, but that’s how bad my craving for the LWD is.  even in this freezing weather we’re having in seattle (currently 15°F), i still have LWD on my mind and in my online shopping cart.

images via all the pretty bird, vanessa jackman, stockholm street style, garance dore, that’s just my bag, style copycat, chictopia


i love a super fancy and extravagant chandelier in the middle of a clean and simple room.

the infamous gwyneth paltrow kitchen

you can never go wrong with black and white

the quintessential parisian chic

one of my favorite color combo:  gold and light teal

dream kitchen

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